summer dreaming

summer dreaming

Somehow, this is the way I think a relaxing vacation is supposed to look -key word there – supposed.

This week, I’ve been on the vacation I’ve been dreaming about for months… I was going to relax and read the book I never have time for, take a few yoga classes, get a pedicure and maybe go window shopping in the local shops, have a leisurely lunch at my favorite restaurant… it seemed like the picture of heaven.  Time to relax, recharge… maybe not quite the elegance of perching on a lovely chaise on a private beach, but it was still dream-worthy.

Instead… my car broke down, my internet went out for 2 days, and the air conditioning in my apartment can’t keep up with the temperatures outside.  I spent the beginning of vacation stuck and waiting for a mechanic, without internet, and uncomfortably, sticky-sweaty hot.  But I am HOME.

I travel for work constantly – this is the longest time I’ve spent at home since February.  So even with no car or internet for a couple of days, I couldn’t be happier.  Hotter than hell, but happy.  I’ve not picked up that book – but I picked summer strawberries so ripe my fingers are still red.  No window shopping or leisurely lunch, but I ran a lot of errands with my RL guy and his daughter – then she and I had a giggle fest of a girls night.  And I did do some yoga – in my living room (I’m counting it as ‘hot yoga’ btw).

Life rarely looks the way I think it will, and less often the way I dream it will… but most often, those ideas are put together from bits of movies I saw once, or some seemingly perfect magazine ad that I just wanted to crawl into.  The reality is never what I pictured. But the time at home with people I love, summer strawberries, and giggling with a little girl who calls me her “bonus mom” – is also truly, and perfectly wonderful.

style credits:

Sandy Romper ~ the Annex ~ coming to The Season’s Story July 10th

San Juan heels ~ Essenz ~ coming to The Season’s Story July 10th

Imani bracelet and rings ~ Luxe ~ coming to The Season’s Story July 10th

sunglasses ~ Yummy

hair ~ Helena ~ Murray


décor credits:

Jenny chaise ~ Mudhoney ~ coming to The Season’s Story July 10th

Botanic table ~ Concept ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Botanic lemons & vase ~ Concept ~ now at Shiny Shabby

mineral fizz selzer bottle ~ keke ~ now at Lost & Found

‘omg its hot’ glass – lime ~ keke ~ now at Lost & Found



2 thoughts on “summer dreaming

    • It did end up being wonderful, all in all – and the “bad” parts really weren’t horrible – just a bad start, maybe. Or maybe just life’s way of nudging me to let go of the picture of how it “should” be and enjoy it just the way it is. 🙂

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