forgotten corner

good night

This post is dedicated to the forgotten side of Apt B’s newest build, “Forgotten Corner,”  out now at Shiny Shabby. The back of this build has several little corners of its own ~ half finished rooms like the set for a movie… perfect for building a little corner or an entire room, or a patio scene, or an outdoor café.  This is my little corner… a place I’d want to curl up and read at the end of a day.


build ~ Forgotten Corner ~ Apt B ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Douze Roses Cabinet ~ Apt B

Old Side of London luggage ~ Apt B

Shabby Chic Chair ~ Apt B

Empire Shade Lamp ~ Apt B

Rug V1 ~ Apt B

wall hanging ~ Draped ~ Against the Wall

potted tree ~ Apple Fall, L’Olivier

wooden trunk ~ Apple Fall

New Arrival Painting~ Apple Fall

Tatty Chair~ Apple Fall

Antique Coffee Table~ Apple Fall

Roses Jug~ Apple Fall

Design Books~ Apple Fall

Leather Moccasins~ Apple Fall


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