birthday wishes


Because it is my birthday today, and I do have wishes…

This table, this scene, my family, our lake house
I’m away for work in a hotel across the country from my family, so I set this table for the 4 of us, and placed the colors of each setting exactly where each of us would sit.  I woke up to messages and calls from them ~ which I loved ~ but I still wish we were all together, to celebrate

World Peace would be nice, but I’ve got dental surgery early tomorrow morning early, and I’m a bit (actually a LOT) of a baby just thinking about it.  So I’ll leave wishing for World Peace for next year, and this year just wish for peace going into tomorrow, and maybe a little less pain coming out of it.

Really great cake…
I’ve got food allergies irl that make any kind of cake off limits.  I’m used to it.  But sometimes I still miss homemade birthday cake, with thick chocolate frosting and those little store-bought candles.  Years ago, the youngest of us, A., created a game with me…  she’d eat a bite, and sometimes 2 or 3, on my behalf.  See, when you can’t eat something that’s really yummy, people try to tell you it’s not good, or that you’re not missing anything, and you always know they’re lying… so A. decided she wouldn’t do that, she’d just eat it for me, then tell me how much I loved it.

So today, my last wish is that YOU have cake, or something equally yummy… and eat a bite for me 🙂


Hillside Lake House ~ SAYO ~ now at The Season’s Story

Fall Tablescape ~ Mudhoney ~ now at The Season’s Story

Tables & Wicker Chairs ~ Mudhoney ~ now at The Season’s Story

Landhaus Buffet & Maple Bowl ~ 22769 [bauwerk] ~ now at The Season’s Story

Candelabra ~ 22769 [bauwerk] ~ now at The Season’s Story

Birthday Cake, Banner, and Party Hats ~ Fetch ~ now at The Season’s Story

Basket of Treats & Tower of Treats ~ Disorderly & Cureless ~ now at The Season’s Story

Fig Cake ~ Apple Fall

Oncoming Storm Artwork ~ Apple Fall


One thought on “birthday wishes

  1. Happy Birthday!!! That was such a sweet story and I can relate to just about everything you said. I don’t miss those days when I had to travel and be away from home during special occasions like family birthdays, so my heart goes out to you. I love ice cream, but being lactose intolerant prohibits me from eating it sometimes. I’ll take the chance here and there just to have it! Good luck on your dental surgery tomorrow.. been there too! Beautiful picture too!! ♥


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