“Learning to love is hard and we pay dearly for it. It takes hard work and a long apprenticeship, for it is not just for a moment that we must learn to love, but forever.”

~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky


style credits:

Good Old Glasses ~ Izzie’s ~ now at Geeks n Nerds

Aerin Leggings ~ Thalia Heckroth ~ new

Aida Boots ~ Thalia Heckroth ~ new

lovely hoodie ~ hazy ~ through 10/31 at The Season’s Story

Daria hair ~ elua


décor credits:

build ~ Myrtle Mews ~ Scarlet Creative ~ October Luxe Box

broom ~ Apple Fall

blanket stool ~ dust bunny

Ringed Spheres ~ Chic Buildings

reading pile ~ Apple Fall

mortar & pestle ~ .aisling.

Old rugs ~ 8f8

Throw Cloth ~ Apple Fall  (modified)

Patchwork Pillow, Pillow Pile ~ {we’re CLOSED} ~ group gifts

Baroque Tapestry Pillow ~ Fancy Decor

Witch’s Hat ~ Noble Creations

Open Book ~ Apple Fall

Table Lamp ~ 8f8

Apothecary Oils ~ *AF*

Pencils & Pens ~ kekegift

World Atlas Books ~ kunst

Gramophone ~ ContraptioN

old books sign ~ floorplan

chair with pillow ~ tarte

biscuit tin ~ kunst

vintage wooden birdcage ~ vespertine

book of shadows ~ (fd)

Grandfather Clock ~ 8f8

old backpack ~ dust bunny

cauldron ~ {Atomic}

Meowix the Cat









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