1872 unread


1872 unread emails.  Seriously.  And that’s after moving some into sub-folders.  It’s overwhelming, suffocating – and a little hopeless.  My boss has been out on medical leave since August, and I’ve had both our jobs – and all of the email, reports, problems, etc., etc. I wish I could say I was handling it well.

14 or 15 hour work days have become my new normal ~ and yeah, there really are that many coffee cups on my desk all the time.  Mostly more.

All I want for Christmas is sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.  And maybe an email elf to magically come handle all of this insanity.  That would really be a Christmas Miracle.

style credits:

Polly hair ~ Entwined ~ now at The Crossroads

St. Joseph’s Sweatshirt ~ Emery ~ now at FaMESHed

Kimmie Sweatpants ~ Dead Dollz

pose ~ RK Poses


décor credits:

old stained table ~ Apple Fall

china cabinet ~ Apple Fall

Boston print ~ Apple Fall

twinkling birch ~ Apple Fall

laptop ~ Apple Fall  (additional texture added)

coffee cups ~ [INDO]

ashtray ~ kunst




2 thoughts on “1872 unread

  1. You’re the second person this week that has said something similar regarding unread emails, except her unread ones were way more than yours. I was astonished when she told me. I’m the kind that can’t see a # on my phone email signaling unread emails. I hope you get some down time soon. For some reason I always think of you as some accountant or auditor.. lol

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