…and one more for the road

...and one more for the road

For my sweet friend S., who lost her fight with cancer yesterday. She lived with everything she had, and loved with even more.

We were so very lucky to know you. ❤



Kittes Dress ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at uber

Girona Necklace & Earrings ~ cae ~ coming 8/1 to FaMESHed

G0511 Hair ~ tram


Casino Set ~ zerkalo ~ now at Kustom9
Poker Table
Poker Chair
Chip Spot
Glass w/Cigar
Cigar Box
Roses from Cards (RARE)

Glass Shelf ~ Dahlia

Bar Stool ~ OneDecor

Bourbon Glass ~ kunst





Romanov’s Garden Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Weathered Garden Door
Ebony Dresser
Brass Candlesticks
Dinnerware (cutlery on top)
Dinnerware (cutlery on the side)
Shabby Table
Golden Chalices_Gift
Wooden Chair
Serving Trays
Wooden Armchair (with throw)

Other Items used from Nutmeg:
Basin and Watering Can
Porcelain Milk Pot

Flowers – Summer Garden [vintage painting] ~ LODE ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Queen Anne’s Lace ~ Heart Garden Center

Garden Trees & Wild Grasses ~ HPMD

last stop

last stop



Zipp Shoulder Hoodie ~ Gabriel ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Liberty Denim Shorts ~ Tres Blah

F1124 Hair ~ tram

Tattoo ~ *Bolson

Streetwear Sneakers ~ RKKN

Kate’s Closet Pose ~ RK Poses



Katya’s Top ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Katya’s Leather Skirt ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Streetwear Sneakers ~ RKKN

Paige Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at uber

Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy ~ now at Men’s Only Monthly

Chunky Chain Necklace ~ MANDALA ~ now at uber

Chunky Chain Bracelet ~ MANDALA ~ now at uber

Sinra Rings – Season 2 ~ MANDALA

Rome Pose ~ Ana Poses (left arm position modified)

Roadhouse Backpack ~ Reverie (now closed)


Vintage Transit Backdrop ~ Pseudo ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Old Suitcases ~ Nutmeg

Paper Bag ~ Nutmeg

packed moving boxes ~ hive

Crumpled Newspaper ~ Apple Fall

doll baby

doll baby


Sybil Applier for Catwa ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Dubai Event

Lipstick ~ Lipstick for Catwa [8] ~ Glam Affair

Kira Shape for Koura Catwa Head ~ Denver’s Shapes ~ now at Tres Chic

Koura Head ~ Catwa

Summer Garden Wreath ~ LODE ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Valley of the Dead Dollz Bra & Petticoat ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at The Epiphany

Me, Myself, & I Pose (set 14, pose 1) ~ K&S Poses


The Colors of Love Set ~ zerkalo ~ now at Shiny Shabby

gas money

gas money


Dahlia Tee & Shorts ~ RIOT ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

Flamingo Necklace ~ Cae ~ now at FaMESHed

Fashionista Hair ~ DOUX (additional hair strands added)

Pose ~ Kopfkino


Anguria Set ~ THOR ~ now at ManCave
Camp Folding Table
Fresh Watermelon in the Bowl
Handmade Gazebo (RARE)
Old Folding Chairs
Red Plastic Chair
Slices of Watermelon
Stack of Dishes
Thor Soda
Thor Spilled Soda
Vending Sign
Vintage Garden Chairs (Blue, Yellow)
Watermelon for Friends
Watermelon for Two
White Plastic Chair
Watermelon Handcart (ULTRARARE)

Other items used by THOR:
Stray Dog
Old’s Cool Radio
Little Bongos
Beach Mat

Jeep ~ TORO

Canvas Tote ~ Apple Fall

Drinks Cooler ~ {what next}



listen… “Candela,” Buena Vista Social Club


board shorts & davis top ~ neve ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Sporty Ponytail ~ ItGirls & Murray

Casual Pose (set 2, pose 3) ~ K&S Poses


La Habana Beach Set ~ Serenity Style ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative
Beach Hut (RARE)
Towels Rack
Coconut Candle
Cushion Chair Red
Draped Chair Red

Other Items used by Serenity Style:
Duke Retro Radio Rare
Duke Retro Headphones Rare
Verbena Table
Newport Towel box
Sunny Fisherman Bucket

potted plants ~ hive & dust bunny

flip flops ~ hive

Surfboard ~ THOR

Rattan Tote Carry ~ Nutmeg
White Cloth ~ Nutmeg

Dominique Towel Hanger ~ ARIA

Items used from Cooper Bathroom Set ~ MudHoney
Tiered Shelf
Bath Towels
Rolled Towels
Hand Towels
Crates 1 & 2
Bath Stool

Dracaena Trees ~ Little Branch

Palm Trees ~ Studio Skye

strawberry mornings

strawberry mornings


Emily II Applier for LeLutka ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Kustom9

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Sphiro Glasses ~ Mulloy

Loose Tank Top with Bra ~ COCO ~ now at FaMESHed

Concord Necklace ~ Empyrean Forge ~ now at FaMESHed

Half Shorts ~ BUENO ~ now at FaMESHed

Willem Tattoo ~ *Bolson

Britney Hair ~ DOUX (additional hair strands added)

Pose ~ RK Poses


Summer Strawberry Collection ~ Dahlia ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!
Large Pot
Small Pot
Empty Small Pot
Strawberry Punnet
Seed Packets
Garden Fork
Garden Spade

Hammock ~ Soy ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Swamp Oak Trees ~ The Little Branch ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Items used from The Garden Life Set ~ THOR
Greenhouse RARE
Old Shabby Table
Stack of Pots
Seed Bags
Gardener Shear

Items used by Nutmeg:
Not too Shabby Flats
White Cloth
Mug Gzhel
Kate’s Bowl w/White Napkins
Stacked Buckets
Rattan Tote Carry

Items used by hive:
weathered wheelbarrow
new sprout
vintage birdhouse

Vintage Wooden Bench ~ {BellEquipe}

Items used from HPMD:
Little Birds