lucie’s hideaway

lucie's hideaway


Lucie’s Hideaway Set ~ Trompe Loeil ~ now at FaMESHed
Lucie Hideaway
Lucie Frilled Hammock
Lucie Poof Seat

carved wooden table ~ hive

Swamp Oak ~ Little Branch

Oaksland Tree ~ Little Branch

misty London morning bike ~ anhelo


close-up of upstairs, in Lucie’s reading room…

reading room


Lucie Poof Seat ~ Trompe Loeil ~ now at FaMESHed

oopsie daisy set ~ hive ~ now at The Epiphany
book clutter
broken typewriter
daisy iced tea
milk jug daisies

macramé hanging plant ~ hive

Sunday Tea Set ~ acorn ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!
Sunday Tea Box
Sunday Teapot
Sunday Teacup Stack

Rattan Tote Carry ~ Nutmeg

Not too shabby flats ~ Nutmeg

Items used by ionic:
where is my desk?
Tote Bag
Piled drawers
Pallet Plants Shelf

old books sign ~ floorplan

Holborn Hanging Ivy ~ *YS&YS*