time to december

time to december


Chaise Longue Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Books & Keys v2
Chaise Longue Cream w/Knitted Throw
Old Oriental Carpet
Old Purse Bag
Pencil Sketches
Wooden Candlestick v1
Wooden Candlestick v2

Candle Houses Collection ~ kunst & KraftWork ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Candle house (a)
Candle house (b)
Candle house (c)

Aspen Collection Ornaments ~ Dahlia ~ now at Tannenbaum
Foiled – Bauble – Grey
Foiled – Bauble – Gold
Fox – Gold (RARE)
Fox – Silver (RARE)
Mercury – Bauble – Gold
Pinecone – Gold Tips
Pinecone – Silver
Pinecone – Silver Tips
Solid – Bauble – Silver

Other Items used from Nutmeg:
Lavender secret package Group Gift
Not too shabby flats, Brown

Items used from Apple Fall:
Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace Empty (White)
Happy Santa Figure (Creamy)
Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked
Joanne Crystal Lamp
Joyeaux Noel
Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study

wanderlust . belted pillows ~ dust bunny

Vintage Bruxelle Rug ~ N4RS

Hanne Fireplace Tools ~ {what next}

backyard dreamer

backyard dreamer


Cleo Applier for Genus ~ Not Found ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Sovereign Eyes ~ IKON

Bliss Hair ~ Lamb ~ now at Collabor88

Wayfare Necklaces ~ Empyrean Forge

Julia Jacket (with Shirt) ~ Blueberry ~ new in Mainstore

Julia Leggings ~ Blueberry ~ new in Mainstore

REIN Rings ~ amias ~ now at Shiny Shabby
On Right Hand:
REIN 1a – bronze
REIN 1b – steel
REIN 2 – black
REIN 3 – steel
REIN 4 – black
On Left Hand:
REIN 1b – black

Zoie Boots ~ Maitreya

Traveller 2 Pose ~ Amitie ~ now at Shiny Shabby


Backyard Stool (Brown) ~ Nutmeg ~ new in Mainstore

Other Items used from Nutmeg:
Old Suitcases Green
Mug White
Hanging Sneakers Worn White
Stacked Buckets
Hardy Iron Table
Old Wooden Chair w/Newspapers
Basin and Watering Can

cozy reading ~ dust bunny

Vintage Laundry Pitchers ~ The Loft

Poet’s Table – Pitcher ~ [NC]

Hand Accessory – Wills Apples Bouquet ~ *LODE* ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Head Accessory – Wills Apples ~ *LODE* ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Propane Tank ~ Apple Fall

Rural Farmhouse (RARE) ~ Apple Fall

Ivy ~ Eli Baily

Wild Grasses ~ HPMD

DwarfForest [OldGold] ~ alirium

Japanese Maple ~ The Little Branch
Bitter Nut Tree ~ The Little Branch

wine now, unpack later

wine now, unpack later


Jacklyn Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Greer II Applier ~ Glam Affair ~ new in Mainstore

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ Updated ~ LeLutka

Autumn Necklaces ~ Ama. ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Avery T-Shirt ~ Thalia Heckroth ~ new in Mainstore

BF Jeans & Belt ~ Maitreya

Stylish Lean Pose ~ CORPUS Poses ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative


Mantelpiece & Candles ~ kunst ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Argentinian Malbec ~ Apple Fall

pile of boxes ~ hive

Old Story Frames Wood ~ Nutmeg

Katyusha Elegant Armchair ~ Nutmeg

Glass of wine ~ ChiChica

Ashtray Set ~ The Prop Shoppe

Fight Club debasement ~ BUENO

get out the good china

get out the good china


Hyde Garden House and Dining Set ~ Bazar ~ now at 6° Republic
Hyde Garden House
Hyde Chandelier
Hyde Dining Chair
Hyde Dining Table
Hyde Flower Centerpiece
Hyde Table Runner
Hyde Place Setting

French Dining Set ~ Moss & Mink ~ now at 6° Republic
French Candle Cluster
Red Roses
Suede Dining Chair

Petit Patissier Set ~ Wednesday[+] ~ now at 6° Republic
Caramel Macarons
Praline Macarons
Chocolate Cake
Domino Cookies

Victorian Jules Décor Set ~ MADRAS ~ now at 6° Republic
Victorian Jules Binocular Décor
Victorian Jules Kerosene Lamp Décor

Vintage Garden Set ~ BlackJack ~ now at 6° Republic
Vintage Garden Lamp
Vintage Garden Mirror

Ferme de Bourdons Set ~ Krescendo ~ now at 6° RepublicFerme de bourdons – Chair (White)
Ferme de bourdons – Clock (Gold)
Ferme de bourdons – Cow
Ferme de bourdons – Duck

Thankful Set ~ Apple May Designs ~ now at 6° Republic
Thankful Cinnamon Candles
Thankful Old Shutters (Old)
Thankful Decor Stand

Dusty Wine Bottle ~ THOR

cone boxwood topiary . lighted ~ hive

Apple Sprig w/ Branch ~ Apple Fall
Woodland Deer – Ceramic ~ Apple Fall

Brass Candlesticks ~ Nutmeg

the loft

the loft


Pavlon House ~ +ILO+ ~ now at 6° Republic

Modern Loft Set ~ zerkalo ~ now at 6° Republic
Box w/ Books (RARE)
Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3

from Sloane Bedroom Set ~ David Heather ~ now at 6° Republic
Book Décor
Ceiling Fan
Potted Plant

items from frag.ments collection ~ now at 6° Republic
industrial shelf
floor fan

Shelf & Wine Set ~ 220ml ~ now at 6° Republic
Apple and Bottle Wine
Cork Pot
Portrait and Cup
W I N E sign
Wine Bottle and Vase
Wine Box
Wine Pack

Not for Girls Bedroom Set ~ [IK] ~ now at 6° Republic
Desk Lamp
File Cabinet

Hygge Set ~ ACORN ~ now at 6° Republic
Apron Wall Décor
Byron Rug
Espadrilles Shoes -Flesh
Ceramic Jugs

Piano Bar Set ~ Backbone ~ now at 6° Republic
Floor Lamp
Floor Vase
Leather Trunk Side Table

Old Engineer Table Set ~ CLAVv ~ now at 6° Republic
Old Engineer Table
Old Engineer Stool

Hell’s Kitchen Set ~ crate ~ now at 6° Republic
Full Cabinet Set
Island and Stools

Mayfair Bedroom Collection ~ elev8 ~ now at 6° Republic
Books 1
Books 2
Clock (iron)

jasmine plants ~ elev8

Pow! Sign ~ Eleventh Hour ~ now at 6° Republic

items from Jackie Bedroom Set ~ MudHoney ~ now at 6° Republic
Canvas Art
Grid Wall
Hanging Light

Space Shuttle Cart – Red ~ NOMAD ~ now at 6° Republic

from ECO AZUL Set ~ not so bad ~ now at 6° Republic

Winter Set ~ SOURCES ~ now at 6° Republic
ACROE stool vase metal blue
ARIEV sofa graffiti
ARMODI plant pot blue balls

Cozy Pillows ~ DaD ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

items used from dust bunny:
areca palm plant
spotted begonia
spider planter
double planter
cheese plant
ivy planter
hoya plant
potted bromeliad
potted dragon tree

Items used from Nutmeg:
Antique Baby Cups
Bath Mat With Tassels
Casserole Black
Cloth White
Mug Gzhel V1
Not too shabby flats, Brown
Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue
Recipes Book
Tea Kettle

items used from hive:
kitchen canisters
kitchen utensils

Items used from THOR:
Potted Succulent 1
Potted Succulent 2
Gattomiau (gift, not for sale)

Blanket Clutter – Brown – Flat Medium ~ +Half Deer+

Items used from *YS&YS*
Holborn Kitchen Jars
Holborn Hanging Ivy

Katya Kitchen Eggs ~ Serenity Style

Ivy ~ Eli Baily

White Ash Trees ~ The Little Branch

All other books used from Apple Fall

leaf-ward we wander

leaf-ward we wander


Madison Woodlands Cottage Set ~ Tia ~ now at uber
Animated Woodlands Trees – 1, 2, 3, & 4
Coffee Table
Deck Chair – Left
Deck Chair – Right
Hanging Bench
Light String
Pond Lillies
Pumpkins & Candles
Wagon Wheel

Medusa Mirror ~ SAYO ~ now at uber

plants used from dust bunny:
fiddle leaf tree
hoya plant
spotted begonia
potted cheese plant
potted dragon tree

Harvest Lanterns ~ HEXtraordinary

other trees used:
Japanese Maple ~ The Little Branch
Dwarf Forest ~ alirium

falling in love is easy… falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary

Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.

HBD, Love.


on me:
H0813 Hair ~ tram
Bubbles ~ Glitterati
Pose ~ from REKA Bathtub ~ Nutmeg

on him:
Bachelor’s Shirt ~ RKKN
Bachelor’s Suspenders ~ RKKN
Bachelor’s Pants ~ RKKN
Troy Hair ~ DOUX
Chocolato Glasses ~ Mulloy
Lyon Pose ~ Ana Poses


Plymouth Collection ~ Dahlia ~ now at FaMESHed
Love Birds – Silver
Pumpkin – Grey Blue
Pumpkin – Pale Green
Plymouth – Stackable Boxes – Silver
Plymouth – Stackable Boxes – Copper
Shelf – White
Thankful Shadow Box – Silver

hard to find bulbs ~ [keke] ~ now at FaMESHed

Loire Collection ~ Dahlia ~ now at 6° Republic
Cotton Jars – Silver
Flower Arrangement – Cream
Linen Water – Old
Savon – Olive
Towels – Mint
Vintage Wash Basin (RARE)
Zinc Pitcher – Dusty Rose

Florian Bath Set ~ Granola ~ now at 6° Republic
Florian Bathtub
Florian Lavender Towel
Florian Shaving Mirror
Florian Towel Plain
Florian Vase

Agnes Old Decay Greenhouse ~ Ariskea ~ now at 6° Republic

items used from dust bunny:
spotted begonia
pilea peper plant
areca palm plant
pink medinilla plant
potted dragon tree

Items used from Nutmeg:
Antique Baby Cups
Bath Mat with Tassels
French Silver Framed Mirror

Cooper Bath Stool ~ MudHoney

lace curtain ~ Knick Knacks

street magic

street magic


Jennifer Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Collabor88

Michelle Applier ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Collabor88

Cece Outfit ~ Blueberry NEW
Cece Trench Coat
Cece Winter Boots

Susan Necklace ~ MIDNA ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Grace Leather Bag ~ Murray

Mexico City Pose ~ Ana Poses


Kei’s Modular Flea Market ~ Kei Spot ~ now at 6° Republic
Kei’s Fleamarket
Clothing Hangar
Folding Chair
Folding Table with Cloth
Milk Crate Vendors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Pallet Platform
Table & Milkcrate Vendors

PortoVecchio Modular Buildings ~ Ex Machina ~ now at 6° Republic

Streetside Bookshop ~ Naberius ~ now at 6° Republic

Old Days Building ~ *bbqq* ~ now at 6° Republic

1896 Delivery Truck Set ~ Schultz Bros. ~ now at 6° Republic
1896 Delivery Truck Old
Old Milk Canister
Old Milk Bottles Full
Old Milk Bottles Empty

Kingslay & Shoeshine Set ~ BALACLAVA ~ now at 6° Republic
Kingslay Lampposts
Kingslay Post Clock
Shoeshine Signboard
Shoeshine Stand

Valentino’s Barber Shop Set ~ Serenity Style ~ now at 6° Republic
Valentino’s Barber Shop (ULTRARARE)
Shampoo & Perfum
Shaving Soap
Shaving Brush

Shabby Baking Collection ~ Ayla ~ now at 6° Republic
Baking Moulds
Basket with Rolling Pins
Cutting Board with Flour
Egg Boxes with Twigs
Jar with Utensils
Stacked Trays
Stacked Trays & Utensils

Hipster Baby Boy ~ Black Bantam ~ now at 6° Republic

Vintage Party ~ Tentacio ~ now at 6° Republic
milk take away
sandwich table
popcorn box
popcorn take away

Old Playhouse Box ~ no13 ~ now at 6° Republic
Old Playhouse
Wooden Mushroom
Wooden Shop Sign

cone boxwood topiary ~ hive
spiral boxwood topiary ~ hive

Lorhen Mirror ~ Elm ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative
Lorhen Pillow Basket ~ Elm ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

flock of flying doves ~ {anc}
flock of doves (ground) ~ {anc}

Sweet Chestnut Tree ~ The Little Branch
Japanese Maple Tree ~ The Little Branch

2 out, bottom of the 8th

2 out, bottom of the 8th


Blair’s Outfit ~ RKKN ~ now at The Epiphany
Blair’s Boots DIRTY (Fatpack Only)
Blair’s Jacket with Shirt
Blair’s Shorts

Hazel Hair (with Hat) ~ Mina ~ now at uber

Kate’s Closet Pose ~ RK Poses


Forever Young Set ~ THOR ~ now at 6° Republic
Baseball Ball
Baseball Bat
Baseball Glove
Baseball Memorabilia
Hanger Scorecard (RARE)
Metal 6 Sign
Metal S Sign
Vintage Drawer Cabinet

Old Days Set ~ *bbqq* ~ now at 6° Republic
Old Days Building
Oak Tree

The Magician’s Way Collection ~ BellEquipe ~ now at 6° Republic
Cup and Balls
Flyer of Legendary Magician
Magician’s Antique Chair
Magician’s Antique Desk
Picture frame *London* *Fatpack Bonus*
Playing Card B
Vintage Books *Fatpack Bonus*
Wooden Desk lamp

Retro Set ~ N4Rs ~ now at 6° Republic
Old Retro Salon – Worn 2
Old Retro Side Table

CAFE TAIWAN 2 – Old poster B ~ [MB] ~ now at 6° Republic

Other Items used from THOR:
My Life Book
Meadow Book
Bottle Cap
Quotes Coffe Mug
Vintage Portfolio
Wire Metal Basket
Old’s Cool Radio
Brushes Jug
Post Magazine Holder

Perugia Glasses (Display version) ~ Mulloy

Your Bed Is Always Messy Bed ~ Soy

Blanket Clutter ~ +Half Deer+