cupcakes for breakfast



Ariana Collection ~ Dahlia ~ now at uber
Jewelry Display

Lazy Days Collection ~ Dahlia ~ now at The Epiphany
Hydrangea – Mixed Pink / Silver
Bundled Kitty – White – 01. RARE
Double Chocolate Cupcakes – EXCLUSIVE
Eggs & Toast with Juice
Elegant Eggs In Cups
Eye Mask Pillow
Hot Water Bottle
Hydrangea – Blush / Gold Vase
Hydrangea – Mixed Purple / Silver
Preserves in Bowl
Red Velvet Cupcake Cloche – VIP
Stacked Bowls
Vintage Clock – Silver

Other Items used from Dahlia:
Denmark – Blanket – Sky
Denmark – Heart Stool – Gold
Provence – Chipped Teacup
Newport – Distressed Trinket Box – Brown

Items used from Apple Fall:
Oxford Wingback Chair
Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
Joanne Crystal Lamp
Books – Arrangement 1, 2 & 4
Bluebell Painted Closet
Antique Coffee Table

items used from dust bunny:
areca palm plant
ivy planter
double planter
spider planter

Romanov’s Wooden Chair ~ Nutmeg

Lace Curtain ~ Knick Knacks

hanging vintage wooden birdcage ~ vespertine


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