lemonade days

lemonade days



Rose Applier for Genus ~ Glam Affair ~ now at uber

Gill Shirt ~ N-Uno ~ now at uber

Moonspell Hair ~ DOUX

Berlin Pose ~ Ana Poses


Natalia Set ~ Blueberry
Cami Top
Capri Jeans

Selena Hairstyle ~ DOUX ~ now at uber

Amber Applier for Genus ~ INSOL ~ now at uber

Wings of Thorns Tattoo ~ Oxydate ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Lyon Pose ~ Ana Poses


Beverage Dispenser ~ BellEquipe ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Items Used by Apple Fall:
Coastal Pier Set
Old Manufactory

Beach Towel Clutter ~ +Half Deer+

Jeep ~ AptB

Virginia Live Oak ~ Lost Creek

road trip

road trip


Amelia’s Outfit ~ RKKN ~ now at The Epiphany
Amelia’s T-Shirt
Amelia’s Jeans

Vega Hair ~ DOUX

Mia Pose ~ Lyrium ~ now at Dubai

Nyu Applier for Genus ~ Glam Affair ~ now at The Epiphany

Milana Outfit ~ Savin~ now at Shiny Shabby
Milana Shirt
Milana Denim Shorts

Hope Necklaces ~ noir ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Anna Wreath ~ LODE ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Vintage Beetle ~ amitie ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Car Luggage ~ amitie ~ now at Shiny Shabby

the old barn (RARE) ~ hive

Virginia Live Oak Tree ~ Lost Creek



summer sundays

summer sundays


Jana’s Outfit ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Jana’s Hoodie
Jana’s Shorts

Seaside Calm Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Kustom9
Her Flip Flops
His Flip Flops
Seaside Calm Bag
Seaside Calm Beach Chair
Seaside Calm Beach Chair w/ Towel
Seaside Parasol

beach huts ~ hive ~ now at uber

Paradise Beach Scene ~ MINIMAL ~ now at uber

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Seashore Mug Candle
Seashore Pitcher

Towel Clutter ~ +Half Deer+

breezy book ~ dust bunny

I know I am but summer to your heart…

I am but summer to your heart


Cori Lace Dress ~ Blueberry

Kaipo Collection ~ Cae ~ now at FaMESHed

Mecca Hair ~ DOUX

Bloom Pose ~ Lyrium


lemon corner


Lemon Corner Set ~ Concept} ~ now at equal10
Lemon Corner. Cotto Jar A
Lemon Corner. Cotto Jar C
Lemon Corner. Cotto Jar D
Lemon Corner. Green Jar A
Lemon Corner. Green Jar B

Coastal Couch Set ~ Merak ~ now at FaMESHed
Coastal Couch
Shell Pillows

Items used by hive:
bleached jute rug . brown
bowl of fresh oranges
chunky wood coffee table
orange juice prep

plants used by dust bunny:
areca palm
fiddle leaf tree

teardrop succulent terrarium ~ vespertine

Items used by The Plastik:
Antilles Mirror [Large-Silver]
Antilles Mirror [Med-Silver]
Sunray Mirror [Whitewash]

jay magazine holder ~ revival

half-caf and hell bent

hell bent


Brooklyn Shirt ~ [vagrant] ~ now at uber

Letitia Necklace ~ Cae ~ now at uber

Kylie’s Jeans ~ RKKN ~ now at Kustom9

Summer Bracelets ~ kunst

Clementine Shoulder Bag ~ go!

Vega Hair ~ DOUX

Not too Shabby Flats ~ Nutmeg

Santiago Pose ~ Ana Poses


Newsstand Set ~ DRD ~ now at uber
Newsstand – Building
Newsstand – Rack

City Bike Set ~ Nutmeg
City Bench
City Bike

City Block ~ BUENO

Mulder Loft Building-Regular ~ BUENO

by the sea

by the sea


Carly’s Outfit ~ RKKN ~ now at Anthem

Vega Hair ~ DOUX

Seashore Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Anthem
Seashore Canopy
Seashore Large Bowl
Seashore Mug Candle
Seashore Pallet & Pillows
Seashore Pitcher

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Dacha Crumpled Towel
Hanging Sneakers Worn Blue
Her Bike White
Rattan Tote Carry, Beige
Not too shabby flats, Brown
Old Stool w/Cloth (Group Gift)

beach fence ~ hive ~ now at uber

Items used by Lode:
Diana Bottle with Grass II ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Parrot Tulips

Ete Summer Cabin ~ Scarlet Creative

Wild Grasses ~ Studio Skye

Live Oak Trees ~ Lost Creek




Sinead Suit ~ Aphorism ~ now at FaMESHed

Naomi Sandals ~ Gos Boutique ~ now at FaMESHed

Riviera Sun Hat Black ~ ValentinaE ~ (previously at 2019 Summerfest)

Chunky Chain Bracelet ~ MANDALA

Necklace – Filigree Oval – Combo All ~ Maxi Gossamer

Cruz Hair ~ DOUX

Tied Pouch ~ REIGN (past gift at FaMESHed)

Pose ~ Manifeste


Square Lead Planter w/ Lion Head ~ Apple Fall

Bay Leaf Topiary, 3-Tier ~ Apple Fall

RAMLA Backdrop ~ RAMA