coffee & sunshine

coffee and sunshine


Abby Applier for Genus ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Belle. Event

Andrea Hairstyle ~ DOUX ~ now at Belle. Event

Ivanna Necklace ~ kunst ~ now at FaMESHed

Ruffle Strap Tie Front Top ~ COCO ~ now at FaMESHed

Flare Shorts ~ COCO ~ now at FaMESHed

Dreamer Pose ~ Diversion ~ now at Belle. Event

write it on the mirror

.write it on the mirror


Shelly Beach Towel ~ Vanilla Bae ~ now at FaMESHed

H0318 Hair ~ tram

Aida Pose ~ Lyrium


Lauren Bathroom ~ Consignment & dust bunny ~ now at FaMESHed
single vanity
vanity basket
mirror . silver
radiator . silver
bath bombs
bathtub caddy
cotton ball container
hanging robe
hanging towel
qtip container
rug white
toilet paper holder
toothbrush holder
wall light . silver

Beauty Clutter ~ vespertine ~ now at FaMESHed
bath bombs jar
cosmetic brushes
skincare clutter

other items used by dust bunny:
blanket stool
double planter
fiddle leaf tree
ivy planter
pilea peper plant
potted bromeliad
potted jade plant
spider planter
sweet dreams . books
white rose pitcher

Items Used by Apple Fall:
Annan Reclaimed Frames 1 & 2
Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche
Scented Candle

Laundry Day Slippers ~ Nutmeg

delicate rug ~ keke

Beach Towel Clutter ~ +Half Deer+

shy stool [oak] ~ {anc}

Pottery Stool ~ 22769

Lueur Skybox ~ Varonis