bless this mess

bless this mess


Flower Cherub Statue ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Still Life Paintings ~ ReKa – new Group Gift

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Dacha Old Oriental Rug
Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Disarray Old Jar Plant
Disarray Wicker Basket Light v2
Disarray Wooden Candlesticks 1&2
Forgotten Library Book Pile
Garden Getaway Leather Bag
Jewel box
Mug Gzhel V1
Not too shabby flats
Pencil Sketches
Round Back Fabric Chair
Silver Wall Sconce
Summer Bliss Drapes

Original Artwork: Hillside Manor Sketch ~ Apple Fall

items used by dust bunny:
potted bromeliad
ivy planter

Hodgepodge – Snail Mail ~ Tres Blah

red knife keys ~ taikou & momento (Thank you, Trouble! <3)

enough time

enough time

changed the
day she figured
out there was exactly
enough time
for the
in her
~ Brian Andreas



Carolyn Bikini ~ Aphorism ~ now at Kustom9

Reignberry Cardigan ~ Blueberry

Macatoo Glasses ~ Mulloy ~ now at Access

Sierra Hair ~ Magika

Open Short ~ KAVAK

Winchester Pose ~ Ana Poses



Candy Outfit ~ Blueberry ~ new in Mainstore
Jacket & Top

Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy

Nina Hair ~ Magika

Porto Pose ~ Ana Poses (head position adjusted for pic)


Buddies Shed Set ~ THOR ~ now at Mancave
A Cozy Moment – Eggnog Deliver
Buddies Pallet Shed
Buddies Shed Pillow
Eggnog Mug
Fall Bike Exclusive
Pallet Bench 1
Pallet Bench 2
Pillow Seating Brown
Pillow Seating Nuss
Pumpkin Pillow
Rustic Kettle
Rusty Heater

Other Items Used by THOR
Old’s Cool Radio
The Broken Fender
The Jar of Fireflies
The Old Books
The Stacked Blankets
The Travel Memories (1, 2, & 3)

Items from Winter Memories of Autumn Set ~ 8f8 ~ now at Anthem
Autumn under your feet
Greeting porter Autumn
Read me a story Autumn

string lights ~ hive

dreamcatcher (dark) ~ tarte

when fall comes…


…it settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.
~ Stephen King


Orchard Harvest Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Kustom9
Orchard Harvest Blueberries
Orchard Harvest Ceramic Cups v1
Orchard Harvest Ceramic Cups v2
Orchard Harvest Ceramic Teapot
Orchard Harvest Fallen Fruits
Orchard Harvest Grapes

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Backyard Stool
Cloth Plaid
Country House Bench w/Blanket Pile
Garden Getaway Traveler’s Chair RARE
Grandma’s Cottage Basket w/Flowers
Rustic Firewood Basket
Rustic Sketchpad
Summer’s End Apple Basket
Summer’s End Branch
Summer’s End Candles
Summer’s End Papers
Winter Brunch Accent Stool w/Packages

Coastal Pier ~ Apple Fall

Sleeping Sheltie ~ jian

willow leaves for ground ~ [keke]


psl season

black and sweet... hold the pumpkin


Maddie’s Cardigan ~ Tres Blah ~ now at FaMESHed

coffee on the go . wearable ~ hive

Capri Jeans ~ Blueberry

Aria – Button Up Top – Wrap Around Waist ~ Blueberry

Damiana Hairstyle ~ DOUX ~ now at equal10

Mystical stars necklace ~ Kibitz ~ now at Collabor88


cafe decor ~ Dutchie ~ now at FaMESHed
art deco bar lights
chalkboard bar price list
enamel cafe board: Man and woman and 2 waiters

Cafe Amalfi ~ SAYO ~ now at FaMESHed

Items Used by Apple Fall:
Coffee To Go
Large Raspberry & Almond Macarons
Reclaimed Door Counter
Treats Platter

Disarray Old Jar Plant ~ Nutmeg

Worn Rug ~ 22769