unmaking a life

.unmaking a life6


Some of you know I’ve been dealing with some health issues for several months.  I’ve  really been struggling with returning to work and mostly, not dealing well with the pressures that come with being the boss. At all. Day by day, I’ve been losing all the ground I had taken in getting stronger, and started going backwards, fast. So I made a really (really) difficult decision to leave. I’ve been there for more than 20 years. I’ve moved across the country more than once, worked with thousands of people… and just like that, in about 3 more weeks, it’s over. I don’t have a safety net. Starting over with a clean slate is a great twist in a Hallmark movie. In real life – it’s pretty damn daunting.

But I’ll get healthier, and stronger – and that’s really good.
And I’m moving back home, to be with my guy and my bonus daughter – and that’s even better.

There’s a lot of life and living to create. But first, I’m unmaking 20+ years of this life.

Wish me luck.



West Village Mona Office Collection ~ Apple Fall ~ New in Mainstore
West Village Fiddle Leaf Fig
West Village Ginger Jar Lamp – Navy Toile
West Village Industry Office Desk – Black
West Village Mona Office Chair – Rustic Wood
West Village Stacked Art
West Village Trellis Office Rug – Navy
West Village Vintage File Drawers
West Village iFall Pro 2019 – Aluminium (gift)

West Village Saturday Sale Items ~ Apple Fall ~ New in Mainstore
West Village Aged Black Urn
West Village Hand Thrown Terracotta Urn
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West Village Novelty Cricket Ball
West Village Painted Indian Dough Bowl
West Village Vintage Dice Decor

Other Items Used by Apple Fall:
Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
Bea Reading Chair (Canvas)
Books – Arrangement 2
Design Books
‘Elvira’ Rose Tea
Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Original Artwork: Pine Cone Study
Paris Apartment
Stacked Books
Times Newspaper

moving boxes ~ hive

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