no words

no words

I read once that the
ancient Egyptians had
fifty words for sand
& the Inuit had a
hundred words for snow.
I wish I had
a thousand words
for love,
but all that comes
to mind is the way
you move against me
while you sleep
& there are
no words for that.

~ Brian Andreas, storypeople


Disarray Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Disarray Bag w/ Papers Beige
Disarray Bed Lightgrey
Disarray Clutter
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Disarray Pallets

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Book Pile (Store Opening Gift)
Brass Candlesticks
Old Story Frames Gold
Rustic Branch Wreath
Silver Wall Sconce
Winter Brunch Accent Stool w/Packages
Winter Brunch Rug
Winter Brunch Teapot & Newspapers

Items used by dust bunny:
dreamy outing . blanket basket
ivy planter
olivia armoire . black
spider planter

Items used by Apple Fall:
Country Hall
Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study
Original Artwork: Hillside Manor Sketch

Paris Views Scene ~ MINIMAL

Japanese Maple Trees ~ The Little Branch


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stay weird

stay weird


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when you see a bit of earth you want, take it, child, and make it come alive…

when you see a bit of earth you want, take it, child, and make it come alive


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cereal crusher – 01


Feeling excited & proud to be a part of Cereal Crushers! 🥣 …a small project I have been working on with several other talented and amazing bloggers who are near and dear to my heart. The focus of this project is to bring new fashion, styles and looks to those seeking them while maintaining a minimal editing process.

This is not a group to show off talent or editing skills, but rather a quick and effective way for us to share with you all our LOTD’s and other fun styles without devoting so much time and effort to the picture itself. I hope you all enjoy what we’re trying to do here and thank you for the love and support.

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Sour Hair ~ Lamb
Genus Classic Face Mesh Head ~ The Genus Project
Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy
Juliet’s Love Heart Necklace ~ Maxi Gossamer ~ now at Collabor88
Oversized Short Trench Coat ~ amiable
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Ada Applier for Genus ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Collabor88
(worn on Genus Babyface)

Darling Hair ~ Foxy ~ now at Kustom9

love is in the air

love is in the air


Crew Neck Sweater ~ COCO ~ now at FaMESHed

Tiered Skirt & Wide Belt ~ COCO ~ now at FaMESHed

Teddy Hair ~ Foxy

Sinra Rings ~ MANDALA

Leather Handbag ~ Zenith

Friendship Necklace ~ Swallow

Budapest Pose ~ Ana Poses (head position modified)


Office Desk ~ RSD ~ now at A+ Event

sweetheart soiree set ~ dust bunny ~ now at Belle Event
box of roses pink
box of roses red
chocolate strawberries
tray of champagne

overnight bag ~ dust bunny
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heart balloons ~ group
heart balloons ~ single
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rose vase ~ pink
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Items used by Apple Fall:
Antique Ladders w/ Heart String
Heart String
Notting Hill Cobblestone
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NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves ~ a.n.c Ltd.

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