now I lay me down to sleep…

now I lay me down to sleep...

…I pray the Lord my soul to keep


Soul Collector Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Epiphany
Bag of Souls Black RARE
Bag of Souls Maroon RARE
Raven RARE
Bag Brown
Armchair Brown
Draped Table
Pocket Watch

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Attic Hideout Candle Holder1
Attic Hideout Candle Holder2
Attic Hideout Vase1
Attic Hideout Vase2
Attic Hideout Vase3
Chaise Lounge Black w/Knitted Throw
Disarray Old Jar Plant
Disarray Round Wooden Table
Disarray Wicker Basket Dark v2
Forgotten Library Book Pile
Historian Paper Rolls
Old Oriental Rugs 3 & 4_Bonus Items (Attic Hideout Set)
Store Opening Gift
Wooden Candlestick v1

Items Used by 8f8:
forgotten secrets – within the ruins RARE ~ now at the Epiphany
Storyteller’s Burrow – Double Bookcase Full
Storyteller’s Burrow – Grand Cabinet
Storyteller’s Burrow – Grandfather’s Clock

Items Used by Apple Fall:
Dolly Piano
Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study
Original Artwork: Hillside Manor Sketch

Items Used by THOR:
Macabre Clay Skull
Triple Moon Box
The Dark Collection – Dark Stacked Books
The Dark Collection – Jar of Mummy Dust
The Dark Collection – Potions Recipes
The Dark Collection – Spider Venom Bottle
The Dark Collection – The Witch Books

Items Used by BAZAR:
Majestic – Potion 01 A
Majestic – Potion 02 A
Majestic – Potion 02 D
Majestic – Potion 02 F
Majestic – Potion 03 F

devil’s ivy overhang plant . dark ~ hive

hanging plants . ivy planter ~ dust bunny

Series 01 – Floor Lamp – Light ~ DRD

Looking-glass. {oval mirror} rust ~ a.n.c.

Row of Potions ~ 22769

say cheese

say cheese



Kaylee Hair ~ Navy & Copper ~ now at FaMESHed

On the Go Top ~ Cynful ~ now at FaMESHed

KYOU Pants ~ VUK ~ now at Equal10

Hazel Rings ~ kunst ~ now at uber

Jano Tattoo ~ *Bolson

Statement Series Pose ~ Manifeste ~ coming to Pose Fair Oct 19th



Adriane Hair ~ monso ~ now at FaMESHed

Letitia Applier for Genus Babyface ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Collabor88

Halloween Outfit ~ Blueberry ~ new in Mainstore

Sinra Rings ~ MANDALA

Amadeus Tattoo ~ *Bolson

Signature Series Pose ~ Manifeste ~ coming to Pose Fair Oct 19th


Urban Restroom ~ DRD

City Bench ~ Nutmeg

Cigarette Butts ~ Nikotin

Crumpled Newspaper ~ Apple Fall

Spilled Soda Drink ~ +Half Deer+

City Trash Can ~ 7 Emporium


soul food

soul food


Ann Crop Top ~ Aphorism ~ now at FaMESHed

Jane Boyfriend Jeans ~ Aphorism

Off Shoulder Cardigan ~ Lazybones

Mineko Hairstyle ~ DOUX

Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy

Phone ~ MUSCHI

London Pose ~ Ana Poses


taste of autumn set ~ dust bunny ~ now at FaMESHed
bowl of soup
hazelnuts bowl
soup serving board

October Corner Set ~ DRD ~ now at FaMESHed
Armchair with Blanket

other items used by dust bunny:
Basket Cat Bed
blanket stool
hanging plants . ivy planter
sleepless attic . skybox
sweet dreams . alarm clock

Items Used by Apple Fall:
Antique Coffee Table
Bed Warmers
Books in Bookshelf
Crumpled Newspaper
Cushion – Mud-cloth
Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea
Leather Moccasins
Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors
Mini Pumpkin – Green
Mini Pumpkin – Orange
Open Book
Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study
Original Artwork: Pine Cone Study
Ornamental Elephant – Ceramic
Plaster Horse
Pumpkin – Buckskin III

Items Used by Nutmeg:
Dacha Old Oriental Rug
Forgotten Library Book Pile
Laundry Day Slippers

Magazine Stack ~ Fancy Decor

Decorative Sphere ~ Chic Buildings

Tablet ~ LAGOM

midsummer brunch

midsummer brunch


Midsummer Brunch Complete Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Belle. Event
Bread Basket
Cherry Box
Eggs & Milk v2
Pillow (8 Texture Options)

Boho Summer Hammock ~ DRD ~ now at FaMESHed

Skyrne Palette Set ~ peaches ~ now at FaMESHed

Poppy Retreat ~ Scarlet Creative ~ now at Belle. Event

Other Items Used by Nutmeg:
Dacha Old Wooden Chest
Laundry Day Watering Can
Laundry Day Soup
Pencil Sketches
Seashore Bowl Stack
Seashore Mug Candle
Silver Wine Tray

Blanket Clutter – White ~ +Half Deer+

Queen Ann’s Lace ~ Heart Garden Center

DwarfForest [OldGold] ~ alirium

Garden Tree, Wild Grasses ~ HPMD

half-caf and hell bent

hell bent


Brooklyn Shirt ~ [vagrant] ~ now at uber

Letitia Necklace ~ Cae ~ now at uber

Kylie’s Jeans ~ RKKN ~ now at Kustom9

Summer Bracelets ~ kunst

Clementine Shoulder Bag ~ go!

Vega Hair ~ DOUX

Not too Shabby Flats ~ Nutmeg

Santiago Pose ~ Ana Poses


Newsstand Set ~ DRD ~ now at uber
Newsstand – Building
Newsstand – Rack

City Bike Set ~ Nutmeg
City Bench
City Bike

City Block ~ BUENO

Mulder Loft Building-Regular ~ BUENO

stay weird

stay weird


Unwritten Hair ~ Moon ~ now at Belle Event

Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy

Karen Winter Body Warmer ~ Aphorism ~ now at FaMESHed

Jolene Jeans ~ Blueberry

Lyon Pose ~ Ana Poses

Boho Loft Collection
~ DRD ~ now at FaMESHed
Side Table
Tea Tray
Tin Lamp

Items used by THOR:
Hustle Frame
Free Frame
Wild Frame
Mountain Pines Frame
The Travel Memories 2
The Stacked Blankets

cactus ~ hive

Dreamcatcher ~ tarte

Stacked Books ~ Apple Fall

Antiquarian Books ~ Fancy Decor

Blanket Clutter – Plaid ~ +Half-Deer+

hold on

hold on


Euclid Layered Necklaces ~ Empyrean Forge ~ now out for FaMESHed Go

Snuggle Cardigan ~ Cynful ~ now at FaMESHed

Julia Leggings ~ Blueberry

All Weather Woolies ~ DRD ~ now at FaMESHed

REIN Rings ~ amias ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Chloe Skin for Genus ~ Not Found ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Parfait Hair ~ Navy & Copper

Minsk Pose ~ Ana Poses ~ now at The Arcade

Etoile Set ~ Ariskea ~ now at FaMESHed
Christmas Wood Tree
Leather Single Sofa
Merry Christmas Frame
Pine Table

pictures of you… without me



Hibiki Hair ~ Wasabi ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

For the Crew Top ~ Cynful ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

Destroyed Mom Jeans ~ villena

Good Shot (Series 2, Pose 3) ~ K&S Poses now at Spring Flair (left arm and hand position slightly altered for pic)


Junkyard Corner Set ~ DRD ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!
Bar Shelf
Wall Shelf
Red Stool
Blue Stool

Junkyard Armchairs ~ DRD ~ FaMESHed Go! Exclusive Gift

Garage Door ~ zerkalo ~ now available at ManCave

Items from PizzaLounge Set ~ THOR ~ available at TMD
Industrial Walls
Pipe Lamps

Cigarette Pot ~ Schultz Bros.

Newspaper ~ Apple Fall


FaMESHed Go! is a new, Mainstore event – Here is how it works:

1. Grab a HUD from any participating store, or the FaMESHed Go! HQ.
2. Use the HUD to tp to each store to shop the exclusive items
3. After you’ve purchased something from 10 of participating designers, the HUD will automatically gift you with an exclusive item from one of the designers that won’t be available for sale – ever!
4. Unpack, and enjoy all the new, cool, awesome stuff you just got!