cereal crusher – 01


Feeling excited & proud to be a part of Cereal Crushers! 🥣 …a small project I have been working on with several other talented and amazing bloggers who are near and dear to my heart. The focus of this project is to bring new fashion, styles and looks to those seeking them while maintaining a minimal editing process.

This is not a group to show off talent or editing skills, but rather a quick and effective way for us to share with you all our LOTD’s and other fun styles without devoting so much time and effort to the picture itself. I hope you all enjoy what we’re trying to do here and thank you for the love and support.

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Sour Hair ~ Lamb
Genus Classic Face Mesh Head ~ The Genus Project
Perugia Glasses ~ Mulloy
Juliet’s Love Heart Necklace ~ Maxi Gossamer ~ now at Collabor88
Oversized Short Trench Coat ~ amiable
Oversized Short Trench Coat – Top ~ amiable
Wide Leg Maxi Pants ~ amiable
Sinra Rings ~ MANDALA
Grace Leather Bag ~ MURRAY
Pose ~ Manifeste

Manhattan Scene ~ MINIMAL

street magic

street magic


Jennifer Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Collabor88

Michelle Applier ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Collabor88

Cece Outfit ~ Blueberry NEW
Cece Trench Coat
Cece Winter Boots

Susan Necklace ~ MIDNA ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Grace Leather Bag ~ Murray

Mexico City Pose ~ Ana Poses


Kei’s Modular Flea Market ~ Kei Spot ~ now at 6° Republic
Kei’s Fleamarket
Clothing Hangar
Folding Chair
Folding Table with Cloth
Milk Crate Vendors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Pallet Platform
Table & Milkcrate Vendors

PortoVecchio Modular Buildings ~ Ex Machina ~ now at 6° Republic

Streetside Bookshop ~ Naberius ~ now at 6° Republic

Old Days Building ~ *bbqq* ~ now at 6° Republic

1896 Delivery Truck Set ~ Schultz Bros. ~ now at 6° Republic
1896 Delivery Truck Old
Old Milk Canister
Old Milk Bottles Full
Old Milk Bottles Empty

Kingslay & Shoeshine Set ~ BALACLAVA ~ now at 6° Republic
Kingslay Lampposts
Kingslay Post Clock
Shoeshine Signboard
Shoeshine Stand

Valentino’s Barber Shop Set ~ Serenity Style ~ now at 6° Republic
Valentino’s Barber Shop (ULTRARARE)
Shampoo & Perfum
Shaving Soap
Shaving Brush

Shabby Baking Collection ~ Ayla ~ now at 6° Republic
Baking Moulds
Basket with Rolling Pins
Cutting Board with Flour
Egg Boxes with Twigs
Jar with Utensils
Stacked Trays
Stacked Trays & Utensils

Hipster Baby Boy ~ Black Bantam ~ now at 6° Republic

Vintage Party ~ Tentacio ~ now at 6° Republic
milk take away
sandwich table
popcorn box
popcorn take away

Old Playhouse Box ~ no13 ~ now at 6° Republic
Old Playhouse
Wooden Mushroom
Wooden Shop Sign

cone boxwood topiary ~ hive
spiral boxwood topiary ~ hive

Lorhen Mirror ~ Elm ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative
Lorhen Pillow Basket ~ Elm ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

flock of flying doves ~ {anc}
flock of doves (ground) ~ {anc}

Sweet Chestnut Tree ~ The Little Branch
Japanese Maple Tree ~ The Little Branch

carbon footprint

carbon footprint


Parco Glasses ~ Mulloy ~ now at Tres Chic

Nadja Hooded Top ~ Thalia Heckroth ~ new in Mainstore

Backpack ~ Thalia Heckroth

Stella Mini Shorts ~ Murray ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

Metal & Leather Rings ~ RK.A ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Sneakers (held) ~ ED ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Lara’s Flops ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Brooklyn Hair ~ Entwined

City Bike ~ Nutmeg


One More Day Set ~ The Bearded Guy ~ now at OUTPUT
The Wall Backdrop (RARE)
Advertisement Board
Toxic Bags

Mulder Loft Building – Decay ~ BUENO

Station Wagon ~ Total Destruction

Crumpled Newspaper ~ Apple Fall

Magazine ~ Nutmeg

Bike Rack ~ Nutmeg

Spilled Soda ~ THOR

Spilled Fries ~ +Half Deer+

margarita fade out

margarita fade out


Jayla Applier ~ Murray ~ now at Cosmopolitan

Catya Bento Mesh Head ~ Catwa

Soledad Dress ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at FaMESHed

Cheerful Earrings ~ MANDALA ~ now at Collabor88

Her Hair ~ Foxy (additional hair strands added)

Porto Pose ~ Ana Poses ~ now at Dubai Event


Maya’s Pallet Lounger ~ Di’Cor ~ now at FaMESHed

Beach Table ~ Di’Cor ~ now at FaMESHed

Phone & Earbuds ~ MUSCHI

Cigarette Box & Cigarette ~ kunst

Margarita Cocktail Display ~ 220ml

Beach Bag ~ Boutique #187



listen… “Candela,” Buena Vista Social Club


board shorts & davis top ~ neve ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative

Sporty Ponytail ~ ItGirls & Murray

Casual Pose (set 2, pose 3) ~ K&S Poses


La Habana Beach Set ~ Serenity Style ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative
Beach Hut (RARE)
Towels Rack
Coconut Candle
Cushion Chair Red
Draped Chair Red

Other Items used by Serenity Style:
Duke Retro Radio Rare
Duke Retro Headphones Rare
Verbena Table
Newport Towel box
Sunny Fisherman Bucket

potted plants ~ hive & dust bunny

flip flops ~ hive

Surfboard ~ THOR

Rattan Tote Carry ~ Nutmeg
White Cloth ~ Nutmeg

Dominique Towel Hanger ~ ARIA

Items used from Cooper Bathroom Set ~ MudHoney
Tiered Shelf
Bath Towels
Rolled Towels
Hand Towels
Crates 1 & 2
Bath Stool

Dracaena Trees ~ Little Branch

Palm Trees ~ Studio Skye

but it never stops

but it never stops


Linea Glasses ~ Mulloy ~ now at SaNaRae

Tali Dress ~ Poppy

Sensual Metal Necklace ~ CODEX ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Demna Boots ~ Thalia Heckroth ~ new in Mainstore

Jinsang Tattoo ~ Bolson ~ now at Man Cave

Gisele Hair ~ Murray

Simone Bento Mesh Head ~ Lelutka

pose ~ Ana Poses


Chesterfield Sofa ~ ACORN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Tote ~ Clef de Peau ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Vintage French Chair ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Open Book ~ Apple Fall

Antique Coffee Table ~ Apple Fall

Occasional Table with Blanket ~ Apple Fall

Roses Jug ~ Apple Fall

Magazines ~ Mulloy

Coffee Cup ~ INDO

Rug ~ Kalopsia

Meowix the Cat ~ THOR  (gift – not for sale)