time to december

time to december


Chaise Longue Set ~ Nutmeg ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Books & Keys v2
Chaise Longue Cream w/Knitted Throw
Old Oriental Carpet
Old Purse Bag
Pencil Sketches
Wooden Candlestick v1
Wooden Candlestick v2

Candle Houses Collection ~ kunst & KraftWork ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Candle house (a)
Candle house (b)
Candle house (c)

Aspen Collection Ornaments ~ Dahlia ~ now at Tannenbaum
Foiled – Bauble – Grey
Foiled – Bauble – Gold
Fox – Gold (RARE)
Fox – Silver (RARE)
Mercury – Bauble – Gold
Pinecone – Gold Tips
Pinecone – Silver
Pinecone – Silver Tips
Solid – Bauble – Silver

Other Items used from Nutmeg:
Lavender secret package Group Gift
Not too shabby flats, Brown

Items used from Apple Fall:
Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace Empty (White)
Happy Santa Figure (Creamy)
Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked
Joanne Crystal Lamp
Joyeaux Noel
Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Original Artwork: Crocosmia Study

wanderlust . belted pillows ~ dust bunny

Vintage Bruxelle Rug ~ N4RS

Hanne Fireplace Tools ~ {what next}





Clabon Bracelet ~ Mulloy ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

Margarita Shorts ~ United Colors ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!

Akari Tank ~ Pseudo

Britney Hair ~ DOUX

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Alessa Applier ~ League


Paula Applier ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Collabor88

Simone Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Charlotte Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Au Lovely

Benny Side-Rolled Top ~ Blueberry

Annan’s Panties ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Annan’s Sweatpants ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby


Pose ~ RK Poses



doll baby

doll baby


Sybil Applier for Catwa ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Dubai Event

Lipstick ~ Lipstick for Catwa [8] ~ Glam Affair

Kira Shape for Koura Catwa Head ~ Denver’s Shapes ~ now at Tres Chic

Koura Head ~ Catwa

Summer Garden Wreath ~ LODE ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Valley of the Dead Dollz Bra & Petticoat ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at The Epiphany

Me, Myself, & I Pose (set 14, pose 1) ~ K&S Poses


The Colors of Love Set ~ zerkalo ~ now at Shiny Shabby

empty spaces

empty spaces


Maggie’s Tshirt ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Maggie’s Shorts ~ RKKN ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Britney Hair ~ DOUX

Pose ~ Ana Poses


Country Home Set ~ [kunst] & [ILAYA] ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Country Sink (RARE)
Country Console Table
Wall Tiles
Milk Bottle Holders (Empty & Full)
Vintage Coffee Pot
Clay Bowls
Pile of Clay Bowls

Antique Water Bottles ~ [kunst]

Katya’s Kitchen Set ~ Serenity Style ~ now at The Liaison Collaborative
Bread Bin
Cutting Board
Salt & Pepper Mill
Kitchen Scale (ULTRARARE)

Items used by Apple Fall ~
Pembleton Cooker
Pan Rack
Copper Mixer
Patchwork Rug
Straw Broom
Stacked Wire Baskets
Hanging Wicker Basket
Rural Farmhouse

vintage fridge ~ dust bunny

Holborn Kitchen Jars ~ *YS&YS*

Holborn Hanging Ivy ~ *YS&YS*


count on me


Sonya Hair ~ RAMA ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Kim Outfit ~ AGATA ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Santiago Pose ~ Ana Poses ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Alessa Applier ~ League


Conservatory ~ ane ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Fig Trees ~ Little Branch ~ now at Shiny Shabby

ReKa Bathtub ~ Nutmeg

Ancient wash basins chair set ~ Nutmeg

Olive & Daisy Planter ~ Apple Fall

sleek hanging light ~ hive

miniature angel ~ {anc}

Fairylight Rose Vines ~ Half Deer

Fox ~ jian

The Beasts Lair Pot Plant ~ TLG

old’s cool

old's cool


Old’s Cool Gacha Set ~ THOR ~ now at Man Cave
Biker Club (ULTRARARE)
“L” Table (RARE)
Ceiling Lamp Fan
Café Racer’s Stool
Frames B&W 1, 2, 3, & 4
Frames Sketch 1, 2, & 3
Gas Blow Torch
Hanged Jacket
Helmet Black + Star
Helmet Shelf
Ink Mannequin
Iron & Wood Table
Lift-up Stool
MC Canvas Rug
Metal Fire Extinguisher
Moto Clutch
Motors Magazines
Peggy S. Beer
Peggy S. Beer spilled
Piston Lamp
Reaper Play Cards
Seltzer Bottle
Spray Cans
Trash Can
Vintage Fridge

Alice Hair ~ RAMA ~ soon at Shiny Shabby

Walton Turtleneck Sweater ~ Thalia Heckroth

Alexandra Flats ~ DROPS ~ soon at Shiny Shabby

Real Worn Out Jeans ~ Addams

Cigarette Break Pose ~ Kopfkino

round and round and round

round and round


cardi hair with hat ~ lock & tuft ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Nicole Sweater ~ LX Essentials ~ now at 4Mesh

Footless Tights ~ Maitreya

Rebecca Waist Shirt ~ KITJA

Jackson Bow Tip-Toe Sneakers ~ ::MA::

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Tara Applier ~ *YS&YS*

cigarette ~ kunst

Jiufen Pose ~ Ana Poses


laundromat set ~ taikou ~ now at uber
coin washer
detergent bottle
detergent box
laundromat cart
messy laundromat cart
metal table
laundromat building

Crumpled Newspaper ~ Apple Fall

sunbeams & cream

sunbeams & cream

“In my next life I want to be a cat. To sleep 20 hours a day and wait to be fed… Humans are too miserable and angry and single-minded.”  ~ Charles Bukowski


Johanna Sweater & Cardigan ~ Aphorism ~ now at Kustom9

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Tara Applier ~ *YS&YS*

Next to the Wall Pose (Series 8, pose 2) ~ K&S Poses (right arm and hand slightly modified)


Blissful Moments Set ~ BellEquipe ~ now at Shiny Shabby
Iron Wall Decor
Counter Table
Almond Milk
Apple Rose Pie

Coffee Cup ~ THOR

Blackberry Bundt Cake ~ Apple Fall

Fig & Blackberry Cake ~ Apple Fall

kphone ~ kunst

Coffee bag ~ kunst

Coffee jar ~ kunst

The Joint Coffee Shop Stool ~ DRD

auld lang syne

auld lang syne


Cherry Hair ~ Navy & Copper ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Rive Gauche Jacket, Trousers, & Tie ~ sYs ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Kylie Pose ~ RK Poses ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Greer Bento Mesh Head ~ LeLutka

Denise Applier ~ Glam Affair ~ now at uber


Brut Champagne ~ kunst ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Sewing Table ~ kunst ~ now at Shiny Shabby

celebration balloons ~ hive ~ now at uber

lighted birch trees ~ hive ~ now at Kustom9

Vintage French Chair ~ Nutmeg

French Silver Framed Mirror ~ Nutmeg

Champagne Glass ~ Chic Aeon

Vodka, Bourbon, & Whiskey Glasses ~ kunst

Ashtray ~ kunst