I wish you could unsay it…

.what you said...

Juniper Hair ~ Wasabi ~ now at uber

Kato Outfit ~ miss chelsea ~ now at uber

Berlin Pose ~ Ana Poses

beach day set ~ dust bunny ~ now at Summerfest (hurry – ends 7/7!)
breezy book
closed parasol
lounge chair
net bag
towel tote

Kings Bay Set ~ Loft & Aria ~ now at uber

Frozen Watermelon Daquiri ~ 22769 ~ now at Summerfest

Helena’s Summer Pool Radio ~ Kalopsia ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Towel Clutter ~ +Half Deer+ ~ now at Summerfest
Draped Over
Towel Rack
Windblown on Tree

other items used by dust bunny:
daisy shack
dreamy outing . cooler

take me somewhere they have those little umbrella drinks…

take me somewhere they have those little umbrella drinks


Rose Dress ~ Lybra ~ now at FaMESHed

Celeste Hair & Hat ~ Elikatira ~ now at Summerfest

Pose ~ Manifeste


sara’s outdoor seating set ~ hive ~ now at Summerfest
bleached jute rug
decorative floor palm
sara’s coffee table
sara’s outdoor couch

Peacock Chairs Set ~ DaD ~ now at Summerfest
Peacock wicker chair
Peacock wicker chair w blanket

Planted Baskets ~ Fancy Decor ~ now at Summerfest

Happy Hour Set ~ 22769 ~ now at Summerfest
Bowl of Fruits
Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri Cocktail
Plate with Strawberries

other items used by hive:
summer tote
flip flops
yellow pillows used from summer bummer chairs

Bradley Magazine ~ Fancy Decor

Clustered Palms ~ Little Branch

Jolene Lanterns ~ MudHoney

with the glint of summer in her eyes

with the glint of summer in her eyes


Luna Applier for Genus ~ Glam Affair ~ now at Belle. Event

Alenka Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Kustom9

Kiria Necklace 2 ~ NOIR ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Sofia’s Dress ~ RKKN

Sofia’s Jacket ~ RKKN


To Beach [ Backdrop ] ~ ninety ~ now at Summerfest

Pallet Surf Rack ~ THOR ~ now at Summerfest

Folding Wood Chair Type B ~ [Merak] ~ now at Summerfest

Umbrella ~ Ariskea ~ now at Summerfest
Sea Glass WindChimes ~ Ariskea ~ now at SummerfestSummerfest

Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop ~ Granola ~ now at Summerfest

in the glare // bicycle ~ anhelo ~ now at Summerfest

our little love note for Geena…

our little present for Geena...

“Geena always takes forever… let’s go…”

“ok… we’ll just leave a note…”



Donut Letters ~ dust bunny ~ now at Collabor88

ice cream vending machine ~ dust bunny ~ now at Summerfest


lots of other newness here from Collabor88! See Justine’s Post for all the credits!

Giant thanks to Justine for setting up this adorable scene, and to Geena for standing still forever while we finished our snaps.  And bonus thanks to Posh and Mel for keeping us entertained on the sidelines.  This was such a fun, spontaneous collab – love you girls! ❤

belmar afternoon

belmar afternoon


Sunshower Hair ~ Lamb ~ now at Summerfest

Siempre Off Shoulder Top ~ Tres Blah ~ now at Summerfest

Liberty Denim Shorts ~ Tres Blah ~ now at Summerfest

Pose ~ Le Poppycock


ice cream vending machines ~ dust bunny ~ now at Summerfest

Summerfruit Lounge Chair ~ +Half Deer+ ~ now at Summerfest

fresh produce set ~ taikou ~ now at Summerfest
fresh cucumber crate
fresh watermelon bucket
iced ramune bucket
low wooden table
ramune soda pop bottle

Carrito de Fruta ~ crate ~ now at Summerfest
Carrito de Fruta
Aquas Frescas

Let’s Play! Water Balloon Fight – Hose /w Balloons ~ peaches ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Chairs for Hire ~ Second Spaces ~ now at Summerfest
Large Stack of Chairs
Beach Chairs for Hire Sign

Surf Shelves ~ BLUE SKY ~ now at Summerfest

Watermelon Slices & Watermelon Napkin ~ O.M.E.N ~ now at Summerfest

summer cabanas ~ brocante ~ now at Summerfest

Cast iron park benches ~ kunst ~ now at Shiny Shabby

old tin candy sign ~ hive

Vintage Boardwalk Signs ~ Second Spaces
snack bar sign
bike rentals sign
rides sign

The Card Table ~ Stockholm & Lima

Napkin Dispenser ~ [Tia]

Caramel Ice Cream Bowl ~ Kalopsia

Seagulls ~ ohmai (store closed)

Ticket Booth ~ MadPea

Café Table & Chairs ~ BellEquipe

Bicycles ~ what next

Shock Cola ~ THOR

beach resort signs ~ brocante

Carefree Sandals Clutter ~ +Half Deer+

Surfboard ~ Breno (store closed)

Oaksland Trees ~ Little Branch

Coastal Pier ~ Apple Fall

like this little piece of summer belonged only to her…

like this little piece of summer belonged only to me


Summer Breeze Hair ~ Moon ~ now at Summerfest

scoop one piece ~ paper arrow ~ now at Summerfest

heart’s necklace ~ kunst

Group Gift pose ~ K&S Poses


homemade orange juice set ~ hive ~ now at Summerfest
bowl of fresh oranges
orange juice prep

potted fan palm plant ~ hive

flip flops ~ hive

macramé hanging plant ~ hive

Kuva Set ~ Ariskea ~ now out for FaMESHed Go!
Cute Succulent
Mint Table
Macramé Rug
Frame Paint

unicorn planter ~ dust bunny ~ now at Notice Me, Senpai

Lounge Chair ~ PILOT ~ now at Summerfest

Lounge Chair with Towel ~ PILOT ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Bag ~ PILOT ~ now at Summerfest

Fishing Poles ~ PILOT ~ now at Summerfest

Metal Buckets ~ PILOT ~ now at Summerfest

Summer Solstice Wall Art ~ Calm (store closed)

Radio ~ Token & Tribe (store closed)

Maldives Hanging Chair ~ BAZAR ~ now at uber

mineral fizz seltzer bottle ~ [keke]

‘omg its hot’ glass ~ [keke]

Spread Magazine ~ Soy

Stacked Blankets ~ THOR

Harper Boat Cottage ~ [Tia] ~ now at uber

Harper Oar Rope Lights ~ [Tia] ~ now at uber




Rua Bikini ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at Summerfest

Brent Sunglasses ~ Dahlia ~ now at Rewind

Eclipse Hair ~ little bones ~ June Collabor88


Solana’s Summertime & Unwind Set ~ Granola ~ now at Summerfest
Beach Blanket
Poufs (Navy, Cream, Print 1, Print 2)

Azul Chair ~ Blue Sky ~ now at Summerfest

floating dock ~ tarte ~ now at Summerfest

beach towels ~ tarte ~ now at Summerfest

Summertime Radio ~ what next

beach bag ~ dust bunny

‘omg its hot’ glass ~ [keke]

Bae’s Journal ~ peaches

Clarina – Seltzer Bottle ~ Dahlia


play me a sunset


on her:

Maeve Hair ~ elikatira ~ now at Summerfest

Mere Boho Top ~ Vinyl ~ now at Summerfest

Liberty Denim Shorts ~ Tres Blah ~ now at Summerfest

Solar Sandals ~ fri.day ~ now at Summerfest

Summersong Necklace ~ Empyrean Forge

Nairobi Pose ~ Ana Poses

on him:

Wynehouse Tattoo ~ *Bolson ~ now at Summerfest

Guitar Pose ~ IntoXx


All You Need is Summer Set ~ THOR ~ now at Kustom9
Bar Counter
Bar Shelf (RARE)
Chalk Sign
Cocktail Sign (trio)
Faux Bamboo Stool
Original Vodka
Tea Punch
Cherry Vodka
Lime Vodka
Sangria Jar
The Dark Sea Rum
The Pink Flamingo Rum
The Red Carpet Whiskey

Deck with cabinets and stuff ~ myrrine ~ now at Shiny Shabby

single deck ~ myrrine ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Sit on Some Fruit (lemon) ~ Can’t Even ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Bag ~ Pilot ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Shower ~ Pilot

Sit on Some Fruit (lime) ~ Can’t Even ~ now at Summerfest

Beach Bonfire Pit ~ Commoner ~ now at Summerfest

Pallet Chair ~ Commoner ~ now at Summerfest

Old’s Cool Radio ~ THOR

Beer Bottle ~ THOR

Beach Mats ~ THOR

Little Bongos ~ THOR

Slater Ashtray ~ THOR

To the Beach Sign ~ THOR

day’s end

day's end


Leah Hair ~ Entwined ~ now at The Epiphany

summer sofa set ~ hive ~ now at Summerfest

Leather & Burlap pillows ~ Fancy Decor ~ now at Summerfest

Mod Lanterns ~ Fancy Decor ~ now at Summerfest

Outdoor Rug ~ Fancy Decor ~ now at Summerfest

captain’s coffee table ~ floorplan

Decorative Spheres ~ Chic Buildings

Books & Shells (Seaside Treasures Gacha) ~ Zerkalo

White Palm ~ Little Branch

Dracaena Tree ~ Little Branch ~ Deco(c)rate July