the attic



style credits:

Shoshana Outfit ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Daria hair ~ opale ~ now at Shiny Shabby


décor credits:

Bonjour des Alpes Set ~ Knick Knacks ~ now at Shiny Shabby
la pile de cousins
poster ski
l’affiche 1
l’affiche 2
la luge deco
le pique du stick (UNCOMMON)
le poele (RARE)
le skilift (RARE)
les chocolates chauds
les choix de pistes
les vieux skis (UNCOMMON)

storage crate ~ kunst

reading pile ~ Apple Fall


overlay ~ skeletalmess


lists and to do-s


for all the things I should have done already…


style credits:

Laurel hair ~ Entwined ~ now at Shiny Shabby

Milena Sweatshirt ~ Thalia Heckroth

Aerin Leggings ~ Thalia Heckroth

Aida Boots ~ Thalia Heckroth

pose ~ RK Poses


décor credits

Vintage Reception Set ~ THOR ~ now at Cosmopolitan
Vintage Reception Desk
Vintage Reception Chair
Old Metal Bucket
Old Jug with Plans
Brushes jug
Old Guest Book
Cup of Coffee
Vintage Telephone
Stamps Holder
Wooden Letter Holder
Vintage Desk Lamp
Vintage Key Holder
Color Scale Poster
Concierge Sign

Notebooks ~ Sorgo

Clifton Fireplace ~ Apple Fall

Magnolia Leaf Wreath ~ Apple Fall

sleepless attic skybox ~ dust bunny


overlay ~ skeletalmess

there are moments


…when the sun warms my skin –
and I remember
your hands
your touch –
and for just that one
small moment
you are here,
and I am not alone.

style credits:

Regan Sweater ~ Dead Dollz ~ now at The Liason Collaborative

Hipster Brief ~ Maitreya

Poppy hair ~ Lamb ~ now at Collabor88

pose ~ RK Poses

décor credits:

flying curtain ~ Knick Knacks ~ now at ULTRA

scarf, sweater on chest ~ Dead Dollz, “the Warm One”

Clothes Rack ~ Dead Dollz, “the Posh One”

Hatboxes ~ Apt B

Roses in Jug ~ Apple Fall

Plan Chest ~ Apple Fall

looking glass ~ {anc}

Meowix the Cat ~ THOR (*gift, not for purchase)

overlay ~ skeletalmess

a little bit of serenity



style credits:

Body Blanket ~ The Annex ~ now at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly

Lila hair ~ Entwined

pose ~ RK Poses


décor credits:

Cooper Bath Set ~ MudHoney ~ now at 6 Republic (hurry!  ends 11/20!)
Her Supplies
Soap Dish
Toothbrush Cup
Vanity Shelf
Tiered Shelves
Rolled Towels
Bath Towels
Hand Towels
Body Brush
Bath Platform
Bath Stool
Book & Flat White

Pallet Art ~ 22769 [bauwerk] ~ now at 6 Republic (hurry!  ends 11/20!)

Build ~ De Pijp Apartment ~ Pixel Mode ~ now at 6 Republic (hurry!  ends 11/20!)

Grand Mirror ~ Kalopsia

Flying Curtain ~ Knick Knacks ~ now at ULTRA


overlays ~ skeletalmess



… one more view of the Pixel Mode De Pijp interior… I love the detail in this skybox!  These doors! And the windows show the actual outside, but they’re blanked from outside the build.  All the light comes in, and privacy still preserved🙂